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History of Hotel Cayo Levisa

The islands of the Colorado Archipelago like many of those that surround to the island of Cuba were in the past refuge of smugglers, escaped slaves and rebellious, at the present time they center their economic activity in the fishing and the tourism in diverse variants.

With the peak of the tourism and the natural potentialities and landscape of Cayo Levisa you builds in the installation of the Hotel Cayo Levisa. They were built in their beginnings 13 rooms of masonries and guano roof, 6 of them in first beach line.

With the introduction in >Cayo Levisa of diving facilities and other aquatic activities, was necesary to increase the capacity building in the 2003 other cabins for rooms until completing 40, these last ones were built wooden in their entirety.

Also already for this period had settled down the installation of an International Diving Center here.

Nigel Alexander Hunt

Welcome to my site dedicated to the Hotel Cayo Levisa. I am "poco a poco" researching and updating it with the aim to provide as complete as possible record of the hotel's ancient and recent history; bearing in mind that the goings-on today may one day be of historical interest.

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